Swing Ding

Welcome to the Swing Ding, One of the South’s Premier Events!!

      We are excited to welcome you to the 2017 Swing Ding! This event has one of the strongest histories of any private club event in the South dating back to 1959. This special event was the brainchild of Jack Lupton and John Stout, St., the winners of the Inaugural Swing Ding, and was created to be a celebration of life with some golf. The setting couldn’t be better with our Seth Raynor designed golf course and the scenic views of multiple states from most every part of the course. Our club transforms for the Swing Ding every year, whether you are warming up for your round with Swing Ding logoed range balls or during play hearing the Bluegrass or Jazz bands perform under the big top. This is not your ordinary tournament; it is an event you will remember for years to come.

To learn more about the Swing Ding please visit: www.swing-ding.com




Previous Swing Ding Winners

1959     Jack Lupton            John Stout
1960     Scott Probasco     Aaron Jackson
1961     Lew Oehmig         George West
1962     Aaron Jackson      Ed Chapin
1963     Lew Oehmig         Von Oehmig
1964     Steve Tracy        John Stout
1965     Jimmy Wann         Kyle Holley
1966     Aaron Jackson      Jim Moore, Jr.
1967     Jimmy Wann         Hardwick Caldwell
1968     Lew Oehmig         Dan Oehmig
1969     Lew Oehmig         Bob Caldwell
1970     Lew Oehmig         John Rathmel
1971                 No Championship
1972     Bill Hamilton      Bobby Davenport
1973     Joe Richardson     Bill Taff
1974     Joe Richardson     Jack Lupton
1975     King Oehmig        Boyd Dethero
1976     Joe Davenport III  Malcolm Martin
1977     Lew Oehmig         Sonny Swift
1978     Joe Richardson     Bryce Holt
1979     Jack Pollock       Bill Hale
1980     Lew Oehmig         Phil Kensey
1981     Dag Gray           Ira Templeton
1982     Lew Oehmig         Ira Templeton
1983     Larry White        Prescott Richter
1984     Jimmy Chapin       Huxley Brown
1985     Pat Corey          Jim Little
1986                 No Championship
1987     Pat Corey          Louis Davis
1988     Jimmy Chapin       Charlie Stout
1989     Patten Smith       Jimmy Moore III
1990     King Oehmig        Jim Thompson
1991     Pat Corey          Bruce Crumbliss
1992     Lex Tarumianz      Tim Crawford
1993                 No Championship
1994     Jimmy Chapin       Mitchell Hailey
1995     Lex Tarumianz      John Turley
1996     Doug Stein         Jim Grainger
1997     David Walker       Richard Keene
1998     Pat Corey          Lex Tarumianz
1999     Lex Tarumianz      Randy Yoder
2000     Pat Corey          Todd Moreland
2001     Lex Tarumianz      Neil Spitalny
2002     Robby Jones        Jimmy Chapin
2003     Brayden Smith      Huxley Brown
2004     Pat Corey          Neil Spitalny
2005     Pat Corey          Jim Ferguson
2006     Aon Miller         Mark Degler
2007     John Williams      Steve Johnson
2008     Robby Jones        Jimmy Chapin
2009     Steve Johnson      Bill Steen
2010     John Williams      Tim Crawford
2011     Thomas Gallant     Tom Schreiner
2012     Thomas Gallant Neil Spitalny
2013     David Caines     Tom Schreiner
2014     Grant Caldwell     Brandon Born
2015 Jay Walston Scott Smith
2016 Mark Harrell Adam Thomas
2017 Steve Johnson  Huxley Brown

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